The new Turtle's Brew pouch is now available in select locations.

This cost-effective option reduces transportation and storage expenses with the ability to ship and store flat. Often using up to 75% less material, spouted pouches reduce packaging waste and are recyclable minimizing their environmental impact compared to traditional rigid options.

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Elevate your pallet wrapping game with Hooder Films!

Hooder film not only provides superior load containment ensuring secure transportation but also minimizes environmental impact with consistent usage per load.

The team at Diversipak Inc is excited to share our recent trial and appreciate everyone who helped make it a success!!

Read more to see the process in action!

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Proud Distributor of RiPack Products!

Diversipak Inc is a proud distributor of RiPack Inc. products and accessories. It’s not just for shrink wrap anymore!.

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The Newest Distributor of Eagle Packaging Equipment!

Diversipak, Inc is a proud distributor of Eagle packaging equipment!

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Diversipak, Inc! Your Stretch wrap headquarters!

Different gauges of stretch wrap provide distinct properties and uses. Knowing the difference can save hundreds or even thousands annually!

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Branding and Name Recognition: The Easy Way!

Branded Tape! An easy, cost-effective source of marketing!

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Diversipak, Inc. CEO & Founder Speaks at Miami (OH) University

OXFORD, OHIO (March 3, 2020) — Interested in learning from the CEO & Founder and how to start and run a company from the ground-up. Dan Kunkemoeller, CEO started DIVERSIPAK a number of years ago and he would like to discuss how he started his company and has grown it into a multi-million dollar private business.


Diversipak partners with FMI Communications to provide photo-realistic renderings

CINCINNATI, OHIO (March 2, 2020) — Diversipak, a Cincinnati based packaging design firm, has partnered with FMI Communications (FMI), a leading provider of 3D product renderings. The partner ship allows Diversipak to integrate FMI’s rendering services during the design and development process.